MKultra: Subproject 2

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MKultra: Subproject 2

Quote:Subproject 2 (originally found in Black Vault cd 3 folder 17415) was first conceived on May 1, 1953 (pages 35 and 69).

The objective was: to study the possible synergistic action of drugs which may be appropriate for use in abolishing consciousness.

The initial cash outlays began May 5, 1953. (page one)

Page 36 has no date but shows a crossover with the Mulholland subproject because it proposes to study methods for the administration of drugs without the knowledge of the patient. Preparation of a manual.

Page 30 says that subproject 2 is being initiated to provide a secure and efficient means of exploiting [LSD?] with regard to the MKULTRA program. Point 2 says that whoever this is, is a practicing psychiatrist and 'faculty member'.

Page 37 shows that on May 3, 1955 subproject 2 was extended for another year.

Per pages 2 and 3 this project was still going in 1957.

Subprojects 2 and 3 were combined by June 3, 1953.
(PDF subproject 3, page 13)
"it was decided to combine Sub Project No. 2 and Sub Project No. 3 for reasons known only to Chemical Division. Number 3 will be assigned to a subsequent project at a later date." Signed by the Budget Officer.


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